Redgar Dunekiller
Basic Information
Titles Red Tracer[1]
Home Netheril[2]
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation Hunter's Guild[1]
Age 23
Patron deity Uthgar[2]
Known language(s) Common, Dwarven
Born 1476 DR
Rules Information
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
4th Edition Statistics
Barbarian 5

Redgar was a member of the Rakku clan of Netheril[2]. Redgar favors the Polearm and the Great Axe and does not wear armor.


In 1499 DR, Redgar allied with Ruakka and killed his brother (and then-leader of Rakku) Rakkau[3].  He was briefly second in command in the Rakku tribe .

Redgar followed Browgane Trace despite his apparent inability to lead a barbarian army[4]

In 1499 DR, he became a Red Tracer of the Hunter's Guild[1].


Browgane 's penchant for finding strange and interesting things has kept Redgar's interest especially since he wishes to see the world outside Netheril.  While Redgar relishes in barbarism and combat he also wishes to find fame in the whole of Faerûn and to make a name for himself.

Redgar continues to search for his own fame, his determination caused him to take over leadership of the Rakku Dessert for a short time in 1499 DR.

In 1500 DR Redgar went missing, he was last seen with a Sorcerer of Chaos.


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