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- New campaign underway: Korsaire Campaign

- New campaign underway: The Ascendancy of Zio

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- The heroes left Haven in the care of Jiang and traveled per Arlina's directions on how to leave the island. There they found a ruin, activated an ancient device, and began crossing the newly raised bridge to the mainland. SSC 26-28, 846 MS.

- The party overthrew the despot King Ernesto. Following his dying wishes they left the fate of Haven in the hands of his son, Luscion. Luscion declared Jiang Stormrunner, his childhood idol, the new king of Haven. SSC 25-26, 846 MS.

- The party set out to join the bandit rebels to the north with Jiang's assistance. They destroyed Fort Boreas on their way. They met with Arlina and her bandits, after a very strange introduction they set off to return to their ruin to set up a staging ground. Upon passing Fort Boreas they encountered Gork and his personal guard. They dispatched them easily and took Gork hostage. SSC 23-25, 846 MS.

- The party met with Ernesto Giswaldi and his cronies, they were granted entry into Haven. They grew to dislike the town. They went out to kill a group of Gnolls and did not return. At their new base of operation they met Jiang Stormrunner who assisted in eliminating the last of the Gnolls. the next morning they agreed to meet with Arlina, the bandit leader. SSC 21-23, 846 MS.

- Cyotes, Jack "The Rock", and Erebus Tartarus were transported from their respective planes by unknown means to the plane of Korsaire where they awoke with foggy memories. SSC 21, 846 MS.

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