Moonwood and the Silver Marches.
Geographical information
Aliases Glimmerwood
Type Forest
Area Silver Marches, Northwest Faerûn[1]
Societal information
Races Drow[2], Moon elves, Wood elves[3]
Religion Eilistraee, Malar, Uthgar[3]

Inhabitants of the Moonwood
Locations in the Moonwood
Organizations in the Moonwood
Settlements in the Moonwood

The Moonwood is a large forest north of Silverymoon in the Silver Marches.[1]


The Moonwood is dominated by evergreens, shadowtops, and duskwoods.[3]


Although the Moonwood is known to be free of orcs and other goblinkind, orc tribes frequently raid the outer edges of the forest for lumber.[citation needed] The forest is known to be full of lycanthropes, mostly in the north corner. Many of these lycanthropes are members of the People of the Black Blood, while others are members of the Eldreth Veluuthra.[1] As of 1374 DR, the two organizations often clashed, and the greater number and superior organization of the People of the Black Blood meant the odds were in their favor.[4] The southern section of the Moonwood is home to small bands of moon elves.[3]

Notable locationsEdit

Temples and shrinesEdit

The Mouth of Song
This treeless hill was home to a small temple of Eilistraee.[3]
One Stone
This was a single massive boulder 12 ft (3.66 m) high ringed with stone cairns around it, which was sacred to the Uthgardt Sky Pony tribe.[3]


Claw Hollow
This wild dell was home to one of the largest bands of the People of the Black Blood.[3]

Other locationsEdit

The Herald's Holdfast
This was the magically warded subterranean stronghold of the High Herald know as Old Night.[3]


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