Infravision was a type of vision that many non-human species had, in addition to "normal sight", in Dungeons & Dragons and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons prior to version 3.0 of the game. In 3.0 and later, the ability was removed from the game and replaced with darkvision. The primary reason for the change was that, given it's name, infravision implied that the creature detected the infrared spectrum of light and this caused a variety of problems.[1].

Like darkvision, infravision allows a creature to see in complete darkness, though not in or through darkness that is magical in origin up to a set distance.[citation needed]

Creatures able to use infravision are often able to shift between the normal spectrum of light and that of infravision at will. While making use of the infrared spectrum, their eyes glow red.[citation needed]

Creatures known to have infravision include:

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