Lord Tartarus
Erebus Tartarus
Basic Information
Titles Lord
Nicknames Prospect
Home Korsaire 846 MS
Former home(s) Cania
Gender Male
Race Tiefling
Age 20
Patron deity Mephistopheles
Known language(s) Common, Infernal, Elvish
Born 1480 DR
Rules Information
5th Edition Statistics
Warlock 3

Erebus Tartarus is a Warlock from the Nine Hells. He was transported to Korsaire without his knowledge or consent.

He is a PC in the Korsaire Campaign.


Erebus Tartarus is a prospect named by the Lord of No Mercy (or the 'Cold Lord') who rules over Cania. The Tartarus noble family has helped the Cold Lord for centuries, including assisting Valsharess on the 1372 DR attack on Toril.

Prospects of Mephistopheles are limited to those of noble birth and is rarely given to mortals. Many from the Tartarus family have been granted eternal life through study, ascending into a deity, or becoming an exarch. It is every prospects wish to become as powerful as possible and work towards the ultimate Mephistopheles goal, which is to destroy Baalzebul and eventually claim the title of Lord of the Ninth of the Nine Hells.

Erebus considers being transferred to Korsaire chance. Whether it was the will of Mephistopheles or not that this anomaly occurred, it is Erebus's ultimate goal to ascend in power and become an immortal. He will not consider returning to the Nine Hells until this has been accomplished.

He has a plucky Sprite Familiar, Zero.

Time on KorsaireEdit

When Erebus first arrived to Korsaire, he thought it was a test given to him by Mephistopheles, and blindly agreed with whatever was asked of him by the king.[1] Quickly after, he realized the king was not aligned with the Cold Lord whatsoever, and planned the annihilation of the king[2], which he went through with and accomplished successfully in 846 MS.[3] Shortly after, Erebus learned that the crystal was real and was told the location of the altar, where he immediately departed to.[3] Upon entering the altar, Erebus eventually found a fairly powerful scrying orb, with the ability to telekinetically move objects up and down. He rose a bridge from the sea, connecting the island to the mainland, and took the orb with him.[4]


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